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GFC Child Contact Centre

"It has met mine and the court's needs. Very clear on what is required for contact sessions. Excellent reassurance on the first visit. Staff is respectful and efficient". (Comment from Parents).

Comment from children: Children feel happy, safe and like the way staff speak.

Play Therapy

Comments from Teachers:

"Support from Therapist has definitely benefited  (Child A)"

"(Child B) is managing behaviour at playtime, concentration has improved and is working better"

"(Child C) is calmer and able to voice his feelings"

(Child D) is "able to express himself and is more sociable, is able to sustain activity".

Comments from parents:

"(Child A) really enjoyed the play therapy and looks forward to the sessions".

"(Child B) is coping more with the way things are".

"(Child C) is expressing his feelings, recognising his limits and realising that actions have consequences".