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Specialist Services

Our Specialist Services now come under the Horizons banner.  Please click here for our Professionals Information Leaflet.

FfB provides well-being support services for children 0-14 years & adults in Bedfordshire. They include:

Liberty: Weekly intensive support group for women with children who have suffered or are still suffering from domestic abuse (DA). 

Child Contact Centre: The FfB Child Contact Centre is a safe, friendly and neutral place, where children of separated families can spend time with one or both parents.

Sunbeams: A group for children under 5 of women attending the workshops. 

Play Therapy Service: Helps with Emotional/Behavioural problems, Communication problems/Autism, Social Integration, Enhances carers' Interaction with children.

Keys to Learning: A enjoyable family learning project helping  to raise children's educational achievements and life long learning. 

Domestic Abuse Awareness Workshop: A one day workshop to have a clear understanding what domestic abuse is and how it impacts on well-being.

Counselling. Brings an opportunity to gain greater understanding of thoughts, feelings and life experiences. By working with a therapist to make sense of how these feelings have arisen and continue to affect us.

Fees: There may be a fee payable for specialist services. Please fill in the referral form  and we will advise you. If you have any questions you are welcome to call 01234 341977.

The Referral process


  1. The referral form must be fully completed, the parents signature of agreement is essential. Please send us password protected referrals for data protection, and let us know the password either in a separate email or call us on 01234 341977.  If you have any questions please give us a call.
  2. A home visit can be arranged jointly with the referrer if applicable.
  3. The group facilitator will carry out an initial assessment.
  4. The charges for the service are available on our leaflet.
  5. Feel free to call and discuss it further with our staff team.

Safeguarding Children

We respect the confidentiality of clients attending the Liberty group and workshops.  However, we work in partnership with other professionals by contributing written reports to core meetings or conferences and communicating concerns about children's safety.  This will always be discussed with the family in line with Safeguarding Children's principles.  As you will appreciate, this topic is highly sensitive where personal safety is paramount.