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We welcome all residents of Bedford Borough who have any responsibility for an under-five year old, including pregnant women.


You may be a parent, a carer or a grand-parent.  You may be a stay-at-home mum or a working dad.  You may just want a fun activity to come to once a week or you may need specialist advice.  Perhaps you have seen some of the groups we run and you want to come along to check us out.

If you have responsibility for children under five and live locally, our doors are open to you.

Children’s Centre Outcomes


The core purpose for Children Centre’s replace the ECM’’s and contribute to the following experiences for young children and their families.

The Government's Core Purpose of Children's Centres can be found below;



Ø  Child Development & School Readiness:


Children & families are achieving to their potential and are developing and learning through from birth to adulthood. They take advantage of opportunities and make informed choices about their lives. (Local Authority)


This supports personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language from pre-birth to 5, so children develop as confident and curious learners and are able to take full advantage of the learning opportunities presented to them in school. (Government)


 Parents, Parent Aspirations & Parenting Skills:


Children are kept safe and are well cared for in stable families and responsible communities. Parents engage in positive behaviours and develop positive relationships. They develop skills to further their education, training and employment opportunities and live in household’s free of the difficulties that might result from low incomes. (Local Authority)


Building on strengths and supporting aspirations, so that parents and carers are able to give their child the best start in life.


Ø  Child & Family Health and Life Chances:


Children and families live in decent accommodation and in self-sustaining communities. They are emotionally and physically healthy and promote healthy lifestyles. They live in communities that support each other and promote well-being (Local Authority)


Promotion of good physical and mental health for both children and their family; safeguarding; supporting parents to improve the skills that enable them to access education, training and employment; and addressing risk factors  so that children and their families are safe, free from poverty and able to improve both their immediate wellbeing and their future life chances. (Government)


If you are a professional and you want to make a referral into the Children's Centre please go to our referrals page.