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Case Studies


Me and my two children moved to Bedford on the 31st December 2009 from London.  I was 21, my son Kallum was 20months and my daughter Olivia was nearly 2months old.  We didn’t know anyone when we moved here which made me feel very isolated and lonely.  I didn’t know where the shops, doctors or any of the bus routes were. We missed our family and Kallum who was always around my mum & dad couldn’t understand why we didn’t see them as often and he would have tantrums.  I was starting to wonder if moving to Bedford was such a good idea.

I was relieved to find out about Goldington & Putnoe Children Centres which I found out by the health visitor at Putnoe Medical Centre they gave me a newsletter which had contact details.  My oldest son was getting bored, frustrated and missing his play mates.

I was very nervous on my first day at the centre but really there was no need to be as the family workers were so warm and welcoming and the other parents were nice too.


This was the start of me and my children making new friends.


Within weeks I had a found a new routine with my children as we started to attend some of the groups that was on offer at Putnoe Children Centre.  My children absolutely loved both Sing & Stomp and Toddler Playtime with all the different activities for me and my children to get involved with.


By June 2010 we had made lots of friends and meeting them outside the children centre.


My bond with the staff grew stronger as did my trust.  I know I can count on the family work team if I am upset or down they are always there lending me their ears and supporting and giving me advice, which I reflect and take on board.

Now here I am in the role as a volunteer as a parent representative at Putnoe Children Centre.  “This is a great opportunity for me, to greet new parents as I know how it feels to be the new parent and can relate to families who are new into the area.  Only the other day whilst welcoming a new Polish parent she said to me “I wish other parents were as approachable as you”.  I was really surprised and it made me feel good and appreciated.


Being a parent representative has boosted my confidence so much since last year.


It really has been an emotional time and I feel my children and I have been on a rollercoaster and thanks to the family work team and services on offer at both centres.  We don’t regret moving to Bedford and we are all much happier and content.


By Sarah Morgan